Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Best jabber clients for Windows...

Hi friends, many of you will think that i am addicted to IMing.Yeah,may be but i like to discuss about different IMs.It is one way through which the world is connected.

Mostly we all use different jabber clients for different purposes.Some having it for personal private office network to avoid heavy bandwidth usage,some uses gmail and other jabber based services.

There are many jabber clients listed on, but recently they have changed the way to represent it.Now they allows users to rate their favorite client which are arranged on OS bases.

I am talking about windows based IMs.And no others would be of interest because of less nice options for other OS. Say, for Linux pidgin and for MAC adium is there.

On windows, i have used pidgin,Gajim,Psi,spark and Tkabber. And as per me, first three are better.Currently i am using Gajim.

Check the list in attached image.You can see how Gajim got ahead of Spark.May be because spark is heavy java based thing which just sits in your memory eating lots of memory and create every other program you run!

But my surprise is Psi.It is on top!And yeah it is not so good as compared to Gajim.But though many people have rated it better.Yeah,everyone has his choice.Psi 0.12 RC release is there,but its not having such great improvements to rate 5 star!And i am waiting since a long time for newer and better version of Gajim,but i think its development is on shelf!But still its usable, with older GTK+.Newer GTK+ is creating problems.

Lets see where this competition goes.Its based on if any new IMs will be added or these will be improved.And what new thing will be introduced?Like video/Audio chat,Phone calling or something new we can't thing right now? :)

share your idea what new can be introduces in jabber clients which you want or you think can be of our benefit.

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